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Thank you so much for being with us today! An inspiration to all of us!

Delighted to have you with us today!
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Pres College Athenry @PresAthenry
Best of luck to our Teachers who are attending the @lcanaupdates annual conference today, where @kevinboxermoran, John Cronin of @CastleknockCC and @drharrybarry are speaking. #lca

Dr Harry Barry speaking at our conference today! Wonderful speaker. What an eye opening talk! lcanaupdates photo

Open your minds and pathways to University!

Our group of talented LCA students from Mercy Secondary School Inchicore challenge Irish universities to open their minds and pathways to college to students all over Ireland just like them who have chosen to step out of the one size fits all education system and take an educational journey that suits their talents and attitude.

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