Teacher Professional Networks (TPNs)

Teacher Professional Networks are teacher organisations which afford professional peer support to members.

They comprise Subject Associations and other networks which support teachers of curricular programmes spanning a number of subjects (eg Leaving Certificate Applied, Transition Year etc.).

The Teacher Education Section (TES) of the Department of Education and Skills (DES) has established a supplementary funding scheme to support the work of the TPNs.


It is recognised that TPNs have other sources of funding including membership fees. Funding is made available to the TPN through an Education Centre nominated for the purpose by the TPN. Funding is available in two categories, CPD activities and National Executive activities.

The TPN scheme is administered by Blackrock Education Centre on behalf of the Department of Education Centre.


Teacher Professional Networks & LCANA


The Teacher Professional Networks provide support to LCANA for the following activities:

Task Workshops

National Conference

Awards Programme

Website maintenance and upgrades

Electronic downloads and task support

Downloadable newsletter

Web based application, registration and feedback

Online membership payment facility