Comments From Evaluations Of Task Day, Conferences and Webinars.
The Evaluations Were Extremely Positive And The Comments Made Were :

Thank you to all the LCANA committee for the very inspirational LCANA Conference and Awards this morning.

Olivia Kennedy

I want to really just say a huge thank you for tonight’s workshop. As is always the case, the workshops and LCANA webinars are brilliant and so helpful. The work you all do provides a super guide to the LCA programme and I know you all go above and beyond for our benefit by sharing your wonderful expertise. It’s really appreciated so thank you again.

Nicola Talbot. St. Paul’s Greenhills. 

Fantastic Day. Speakers were approachable, the information was invaluable especially for a first time LCA task teacher 


Informative Day, Great To Meet Other LCA Teachers And Network

Great Event, Well Worth It, Thanks

Very informative and straight forward, just what a teacher needs.


Great Event, Well Worth It, Thanks


I Feel Energised And Supported , Thank You

Informative Day, Great To Meet Other LCA Teachers And Network

Really Excellent Course – Really Helpful For Those New To LCA

Geat Task Day. Really impressed by the sharing, openess and caring of all teachers involved today.

Riccardo Panza

Excellent day, great to get insights into how tasks ate marked and the small details, handouts and examples…. brillant!

 Was Very Impressed By The Detail Given, I Have Taught VPG For 11 Years And It Was Nice To Get An In-Depth Insight From An Examiner As To How The Tasks Are Marked

Excellently Prepared And Delivered – Feel More Prepared To Deliver Tasks

Well Done Everyone

Informative Day, Great To Meet Other LCA Teachers And Network

Would Love Another Opportunity To Cover The Other Tasks That I Did Not Get To

Informative Day, Very Well Organised, Will Definitely Be Back Next Year

Thanks very much for the practicle and important info


Thank You For Your Knowledge And Wisdom – Valuable For Going Forward In The Classroom